About  Dermal Korea Co Ltd.
Dermal Korea is founded as a facial mask specialised company in 2012. Our products are developed by a dedicated professionals of skin care and dermatologists who understand the need of your delicate skin.
Dermal Cosmetic sticks to the use of natural ingredients with accurate understanding of the skin and effects of the material. We manufacture the face masks in the state of the art facility located in South Korea. All the products are undergoing thorough safety monitoring and tests in advance.
We offers wide arrange of facial masks and skin care products, and expanding into the body care and make-up categories. We are proud of serving the consumers in all over the world with the best quality products.


Dermal face mask factory in Korea


Selling No.1 face mask in Japan


Over 150,000,000 of Dermal facial mask sheet sold in Japan since 2014. It has been ranked the top of the face mask category on Rakuten.


Korean facial mask sheet sold in Japan